Funeral Price Comparison - Leavenworth

The Truth about Funeral Prices in Leavenworth

Charter Funerals offers the best funeral service value in the Leavenworth area -- and we can prove our claim. Here are the results of an independent survey conducted in 2012. You'll find the traditional funeral service price* for several of the larger funeral homes in the Leavenworth area, as published in their General Price List. Compare their prices with the price of a traditional funeral with Charter Funerals. Proof positive that Charter Funerals can save the residents of Leavenworth a substantial amount by offering distinctive service at exceptional savings.

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 Leavenworth Price Survey 2012


The cost of a casket and vault are not included in the price comparison. These costs are in addition to the service cost shown.

*This price survey compares apples to apples. The price for each funeral home includes the following traditional services as listed in the federal government's mandated general price list categories: Basic service of funeral director and staff, transfer of remains to funeral home, embalming, dressing, cosmetics, use of facilities and staff for viewing, use of facilities and staff to conduct funeral services, use of one hearse, one limousine and one utility and/or flower vehicle within a 75 mile radius. The comparison does not include merchandise, caskets, vault, cemetery plot or discounts.