Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charter Funerals truly less expensive than other area funeral homes?
Absolutely. A Charter Funerals traditional service usually costs less than the average price of a traditional service in the same area. And, the cost comparison does compare apples to apples. (Prices are based on an independent survey of other funeral homes in the area.) Charter Funerals offers the best price on a traditional service in the area.

How does the quality of a Charter Funerals traditional service compare with other area funeral homes?
Charter Funerals offers quality funeral services with a professional, licensed staff who can attend to every detail. The only real difference between Charter Funerals and competing funeral homes is the price, not quality. Our prices reflect less profit per funeral to better serve more families.

Does Charter increase merchandise prices to offset lower service costs?
Absolutely not. We do not use excessive mark-ups to offset lower service prices. Our prices on funeral-related merchandise are competitive with other area funeral homes.

Does Charter Funerals only offer a traditional service?
No. Charter Funerals will perform any funeral service that is requested. We encourage input and creativity. We offer funeral services that range from the most simple service to the most elaborate service. And, we can accommodate any religious faith or ceremony. We work with all families to assure that the funeral service they choose is exactly the service they want and expect. You know best how to memorialize your loved one.

Does Charter Funerals offer pre-need plans?
Charter Funerals can help individuals prearrange funerals and burial options so they can choose the kind of service they want. Prearrangement offers protection from inflation and lets a person make logical, unemotional choices so family members aren't faced with these decisions at the time of a death. Several payment options are available, too.

How can Charter Funerals help someone who has already purchased a pre-need plan from another funeral home?
If a family has already purchased a pre-need plan, it is possible to convert the existing pre-need plan to a Charter Funerals pre-need plan. Just contact Charter Funerals to speak with a family service counselor who can complete a cost comparison and the necessary paperwork.

Does Charter Funerals offer cremation alternatives?
Yes. We offer cremation services on an at-need and a pre-need basis at competitive prices.

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