Cremation as a Choice

Invariably when the topic of death and dying arises someone will say "I just want to be cremated and scattered. I don't want to put my family through all the hassle, expense and grief of a funeral." Cremation is an alternative to traditional funeral and burial services but most people really don't know that even within cremation there are several choices to consider. Just what is required by law when cremation is the family's choice? The professional staff at Charter Funerals can answer these questions and suggest ways to keep costs down.

The funeral process is comprised of the funeral or memorial service followed by interment (ground burial), entombment (burial in a mausoleum) or inurnment (burial of cremains in an urn) of the remains. Cremated remains are not required to be buried or scattered. The cremation options outlined here explain the different kinds of cremation services.

Full Service Followed by Cremation

This option provides a traditional visitation and funeral service at the funeral chapel or church. Because the body is in state, embalming and a casket is required. Charter Funerals suggests using a reusable casket exterior that is specifically designed for this situation. This type of casket eliminates the cost and waste of cremating a casket and still fulfills the family's wishes.

Cremation with Memorial Service

Cremation of the remains is immediately done according to state requirements and the cremains are placed in an urn with this option. Urns are generally an additional expense and, like caskets, include a range of prices. The family has a memorial service at the church or funeral home with the cremains present for the service. Embalming and a casket are not required.

Direct Cremation

This type of cremation was made popular on the West Coast; it includes no service or memorialization. Usually the cremains are returned to the family within a few days following the meeting with the funeral home. Some families then choose to scatter the cremains or keep them at home with them.

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