Direct Cremation Service

At Charter Funerals, direct cremation is a process by which the deceased is cremated without a viewing or a traditional funeral ceremony. Direct cremation requires no embalming and may save a significant amount of money in terms of overall funeral costs. Additionally, direct cremation affords the family a variety of options for the direct conveyance of the cremated remains. The family may take possession of the cremains or Charter Funerals can deliver or ship the cremains to a cemetery or other location as desired.

When choosing a direct cremation option, the family may still opt for a memorial service at a later time.

Cremation services from Charter Funerals include:

  • Applicable standard professional services
  • Transfer of remains to funeral home
  • Preparation of body for cremation
  • Cremation fee
  • Refrigeration (one day)
  • Temporary container for cremains
  • Transportation to crematory
  • This service does not include any visitation service or funeral service
  • Included transportation limited to mileage as described in itemization