Immediate Burial Services

At Charter Funerals, we understand that time is often a factor when arranging a funeral service for your family member. Although the reasons for an immediate burial are numerous, an immediate burial is often sought when the body of the deceased is being shipped in from another
location. Some families choose to have the body of their loved one buried as soon after the death as possible without a viewing or ceremony. An immediate burial service is also available to those families who are unable to personally attend a funeral service but still require an immediate burial.

At Charter Funerals, an immediate burial service is conducted with the same dedication to standards and care as a traditional funeral services. When choosing an immediate burial option, the family may still opt for a memorial, chapel or graveside service at a later time.

  • Applicable standard professional services
  • Transfer of remains to funeral home
  • Refrigeration (one day)
  • Transportation to cemetery
  • This service does not include any visitation service, funeral service or graveside service
  • Cemetery charges and outer burial containers are not included
  • Included transportation limited to mileage as described in itemization
  • Note: The cost of the casket will be added to the Immediate Burial fee.