Memorial Service

The memorial service is a traditional funeral service without the casket or body of the deceased present. In the case of a cremation, the family often chooses to have the cremated remains present at the memorial service. The memorial service may be held in a Charter Funerals chapel or in a church, chapel or meaningful location selected by the family.

Since a casket is not present at a memorial service, photographs and personal mementoes that are reflective of the deceased are often arranged as the focal point of the service. Flower arrangements are also common at memorial services.

A memorial service may be chosen with burial or cremation service.

  • Applicable standard professional services
  • Transfer of remains to funeral home
  • Use of funeral director and staff to arrange for and conduct memorial service
  • Use of facilities for memorial service
  • Utility vehicle
  • 1 Register book, 100 memorial folders, and 100 acknowledgment cards
  • Included transportation limited to mileage as described in itemization