Quality Funeral Services

We meet and exceed quality standards.

Price is important when comparing funerals, but quality is equally important. Charter Funerals understands this. We meet and exceed the quality standards of funeral homes throughout the country.

Often times, when people compare the price of a Charter Funerals full service funeral with competing funeral services, they wonder what we must be leaving out or where we are making up for the lower prices.

Charter Funerals isn't leaving out anything. Our full service funeral price in the price comparison includes all of the services of higher priced funeral homes. It's an apples to apples comparison.

Further, we're not hiking up the prices of merchandise or optional services to make up for the lower prices. We simply make a lower percentage of profit per funeral, in an effort to provide services to more families in the area.

The facilities at Charter Funerals are modern and up to date, yet comforting, and our staff of licensed professionals attends to every detail and to your family's every need. Our quality service starts with that first call and continues until the last family member has paid respects and the funeral service is completed.

Compare our prices with competing funeral homes. Visit our facilities to experience the quality for yourself. Look at Charter Funerals from every angle. We believe that you'll be pleased with our prices, products, quality and service. We'll do our best to make certain that you are.