Mound Grove Cemetery Testimonials

Becky, I just have to say this: you write the kindest notes; makes me feel good; makes my day! Thank you for your kindness. Once again, and very sincerely: God bless you - real good.



Dear Becky, Jeremy, Teddy, Terrance and Al,
Thank you so much for going the extra step and making sure mom's headstone was installed before Mother's Day. It is so beautiful! I saw it from way down the street! My brother Mike and my sister Kathy also say thank you!

Dana B.


Thank you for making the arrangements for everything to go so smoothly for us on Saturday. There were seven of us and we had a good moment together remembering my parents. It was very nice to have the little tent and the chairs all set up. And the men who work for you were very helpful and considerate. Susan and John and I all appreciate your efforts.

Best regards, Allen


Again, thanks for everything that you guys have done for us.

James C.


Thank you Thank you! This looks wonderful! My friend's family will appreciate all of your help so much! Especially since they will be coming in on a Saturday!

Janice C.


Thanks again for your kindness and working with us!!!

Debbie H.


Thank you so very much Becky! This makes my heart happy!



Becky, I appreciate you doing this and all of the help that you have given me.

Allene G.


Thank you so much, you have been a big help.

Jackie B.


Hi Becky,
You sweetheart! Thank you for the picture and for all you do! I too enjoyed visiting with you today. I am grateful the engraving is completed for Mother. All is as it should be. Thank you for watching out for us, and for our grave site, Miss Becky. One day I hope to visit the beautiful grounds at my dear Mother's final resting place.



Thank you so much! If my mother (who is in the new cemetery) were alive, she would turn 100 on Sunday. So we will go to the cemetery and find her great grandfather this Sunday with family. Thanks for helping make this happen!

Cindy S.


Thank you for the phone call to let us know that my dad's marker was recently set. I was wondering about it, and I really appreciate the photo of the headstone that you sent.



Everything looks good. Thank you so much for your help at this difficult time.



I wanted to thank everyone there for having the headstone placed for Mom's funeral. We were at the mercy of the weather, but at least it cooperated long enough for the work to be done. It meant a lot to me to have Mom's headstone there that day. The headstone looks beautiful!!
Thanks again!

Michelle H.


Thank you Becky,
...I was playing with some family tree research and was finding a lot of info on but didn't see anything for my grandmother. Your info helps a lot, thanks for the help!


Thank you for that information and your extra work you included! You're AMAZING !!



Thank you so much!!! You made my weekend! Have a great holiday and thank you for going above and beyond to take the picture for me!

Emily and Kenny


Thank you! Your efforts are much appreciated! Thanks again!

Larry W.


Dear Becky,
I just have to say "thank you" for this kind, encouraging note: it lifted my spirits, as on this gloomy day, I have been feeling pretty "down". I said all this Becky, to say why your very kind and understanding words are so very comforting. God Bless you!, ....and Thank you again!



Hi Becky,
Thank you so much for sending me the picture of my mom's's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!



Hi Becky,
Thank you for the photo and all your help. Thank you again for being so helpful and enjoyable to work with today.



Hi Becky,
I just wanted to thank you for the information you provided and the time it took to research. It is very much appreciated!! The more research I do I know I have to think outside the box on how names are spelled. This was the perfect case. Have a wonderful week!



I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks to you. Went today and was exceptionally happy when I saw the headstones. They look brand new again. I want to send you and your employees my gratitude for doing such a fantastic job! Thank you so much.

George B.


To Becky and all,
Thank you VERY MUCH! I am very pleased with the placement, colors and that you had this one bouquet available when I called!

Sarah W.


Dear Becky, Thank you for sending the photo of the floral arrangement at my dear husband's grave. I certainly do appreciate you and your company making the placement of the vase and flowers possible. Thank you so much for your kind service. I appreciate receiving a photo of the headstone and flowers.

Mary P.


Dear Becky and staff, Thank you so very very much for all that you have done !!!



Hi Becky,
Thank you so much for taking your valuable time to research these two are SO nice!!



Thank you so much Becky. I appreciate your speedy service.

Marcia B.


Hi Becky,
First of all I would like to say thank you for your quick response. In addition, it was very kind and considerate of you to include the attachment concerning the event attended by our mother and other family members. It brought back memories as I read it.

Tambra S.


Thank you for your efforts and response. It's appreciated!

Wendy P.


Thanks, Becky. We appreciate your help with all this.



Hi Becky,
Thank you for your email and for your condolences. Thank you very much.

Karen B.